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Título: Core Organizational Stakeholder Impact – An assessment model
Autor: Carvalho, João M. S.
Palavras-chave: corporate social responsibility
social footprint
measurement model
core organizational stakeholder impact
Data: 2013
Editora: Sandra Marnoto
Citação: CARVALHO, João M. S. (2013) "Core Organizational Stakeholder Impact – An assessment model", Studies of Organisational Management & Sustainability, 1 (1), 3-20
Resumo: Measurement of organizational social impact is a pressing issue in corporate social responsibility research. This paper proposes an alternative measurement model – Core Organizational Stakeholder Impact (COSI) – based on economic, legal and ethical responsibilities of organizations. The model allows understanding organizational social footprint, i.e., how organizations impact each stakeholder. It has 40 indicators, easy to apply, dividing internal and external stakeholders in equal number (20), and corresponding to equal maximum scores (35 points each). A first exploratory application of COSI shows that it captures well the strengths and the weaknesses of the organizational performance in terms of social impact. The model also sensitizes managers to the importance of being sustainable and stakeholder oriented in order to accomplish organizational mission, and to contribute the welfare of society.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.24/346
ISSN: 2183-0576
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